The Quantum Power of UnaHub

Hubezoo introduces UnaHub, the internetwork of the future. The quantum power of our new technology introduces the all - in - one smart platform for search, social media and e-commerce. The quantum power of UnaHub internetwork creates a golden bridge between centralization and decentralization while introducing the world's most powerful platform.


UnaHub creates scalability on a global level, utilizing a new innovation; quantum interlink protocol.  The quantum power expands scalability through master organization and navigation of big data into niche hubs and user friendly apps.  Quantum...

Expand Connectivity

UnaHub mainframe provides connectivity to all digital networks; centralized and decentralized.  We introduce the most powerful advanced technology for global inter-operability and consumer enterprise adaptation. Current issues with blockchain come from the inability for users...

A Token You Can Trust

UNAGOLD token is backed by the quantum power of UnaHub mainframe platform.  Through strong alliances and partnerships with government, banking and community, we introduce a global reserve fund to secure all transactions. We are interested...

Quantum Layers

UNAGOLD can be traded and exchanged with layers.  Currently, we are offering a Layer 1 exchange of UNAGOLD to be available to the public. It is expected that these tokens will be able to sustain...



Coins Available: 800 Million

Abbreviation: UNG

Accepted Currencies: USD, EUR

Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH

Offering: $1.5 / .0026 ETH



We respect and protect each investor through a smart contract to document your investment via SAFT and are a fully compliant ICO.




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UnaHub's Golden Bridge

UnaHub introduces a golden bridge with new technology innovation. With our quantum interlink protocol we create the internetwork of the future through the integration of centralization and decentralization networks. The UnaHub will create the world's most powerful technology platform.
Quantum Master Node Hubs
Quantum applications are structured with master nodes, which apply data to other secondary nodes.  Using master nodes that interlink to hubs allows faster, easier access...
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Internetwork Platforms
We combine components of the Internet for a fast, reliable and effective approach to being online.  Our internetwork offers social, commerce and information integrated into...
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Blockchain’s Golden Bridge
Integration of decentralized platforms bridges fluidity of big data, security and transaction options.  By using quantum applications, we combine both platform formats for a complete...
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UnaHub Partnerships

Join Our Partnership Program: Extending Opportunities to Everyone


Technicians, consultants, marketers and entrepreneurs can join our expansive network, contributing to development of all hubs.  UnaHub is a cooperative platform, which is designed to:

  • Create the internetwork of the future by establishing a hub partnership with UnaHub
  • Unahub serves as the primary business model, formulating the central quantum algorithm and interlinking system 
  • Technicians, consultants, marketers and entrepreneurs become part owners in subsidiary hubs, building platforms to extend by locality and category
  • Expand and scale with master and sub-hubs, organizing all information and commerce online with quantum algorithms



Develop one of our main hubs, apply your own interests or become a part of the UnaHub network for custom applications.  We’re interested in creating thousands of substantial and sustainable opportunities through our hub system.  By joining our partnership program, you open the doors to prosperity as well as part ownership of the UnaHub internetwork of the future.


The UnaHub InfoStructure

UnaHub expands from the technology triad core into a holographic, global internetwork of unlimited hubs. With our smart design and infostructure, we create a quantum technology for global, economic acceleration.
UnaHub organizes big data by locality and category, providing transparent and direct information.  Our information hubs navigate users to direct...
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UnaHub speeds commerce transactions with the use of quantum applications.  Providing user power with blockchain applications to commerce integration.  Entrepreneurs...
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UnaHub takes social media to the next level.  Our framework extends social interactions into the blockchain.  It provides interactions that...
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UnaHub is Born

June 1, 2014

Omatrix Center begins to develop and incubate the concept of using technology to empower the global community and stimulate the economy.

ICO Begins

May 15, 2018

UnaHub ICO Begins.

Demo of Phase 1

November 11, 2018

Demo of the technology triad will be available for examination.

Revenue Generation Model Launched

May 9, 2019

Tech triad of Unahub finalized with a revenue generation model available to finalize Phase 1.  UnaGov- UnaBank – UnaShop will be fully functioning with an interlink between the social – commerce – info.

5 – 10 Hubs Introduced

November 9, 2019

UnaGlobe- UnaHealth – UnaEd – UnaFood – UnaSport launched with revenue generation model. Phase 2 of first hubs will receive upgrades with transactions, including vault, banking, wallet introductions and quantum security upgrades.

11-15 Hubs Introduced

July 20, 2020

The Family series of hubs introduced, including UnaFam, UnaKid, UnaMilleni, UnaLive, and UnaLove. Upgrades to past five hubs with quantum blockchain completely functional and beginning to add layers to security, IDs, commerce and tokens.

Final Hubs Introduced

December 20, 2020

UnaHelp – UnaEnt – UnaGlam – UnaTech – UnaBiz – UnaArt – UnaParty introduced as a final phase of hub development. All hubs are interlinked to each other with complete quantum applications and social – commerce – info interlinks. Total of 15 – 20 cities / countries are actively using

Public – 60%   Management – 10%   Advisors – 8%   Marketing – 8%  

Technical – 8%   R&D – 3%   Global Reserve – 3%



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