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Investor Protection Provisions

UnaHub’s policy is one of an agile, cost saving approach.  We maintain the highest level of trust, integrity, transparency and security with all investors, government, financial institutions, corporations and the global community.  We minimize risk factors by implementing investor protection provisions:

  • All fund transactions are transparent via smart contract
  • CFO will administer and monitor fund allocation verified by an independent auditor
  • Multi – signature escrow account will be used for holding funds
  • 20% of the funds available will be accessed for Phase 1 development and operational business expenses. The remainder of 80% will be held and vested in the global reserve fund.
  •  UnaHub will employ quantum security protection
  • Investor refund policy: Investors will be entitled to a full refund plus interest of 3% if the UnaHub prototype is not implemented within 5 years (2023).


Hubezoo expects that a substantial amount of all of the proceeds of the offering will be used by the company to originate and subsequently to progress the development of the Hubezoo network and the Hubezoo ecosystem as a whole, including foundational technologies and surrounding ecosystem tools and services.

Development of the prototype will be monitored by a interim CFO as well as a independent auditor.  A total of 20% of the funds will be used for the Phase 1 development of Hubezoo, introducing the Bank Hub and the initial revenue generation model.  The other allocated funds for Hubezoo development will be held in an escrow until Phase 1 development is complete, used only to begin Phase 2 prototype development.

As a further assurance we have included a refund clause. Refer to the official documents for more information, but in plain English, if the product is not launched within 5 years (May 18, 2023), The Global Reserve Fund is obligated to repay investors. This is a strong assurance that other blockchain networks simply do not provide.

Since 2014 —well before the recent wave of token sales — we have been building Hubezoo  and the underlying protocol technology that it will leverage. All our work in this field demonstrates our deep commitment to decentralization and to improving the internet. UnaGold was conceived as an incentive structure for Hubezoo, and as a sister protocol as part of a broader ecosystem. We’ve achieved many of our goals so far without economic incentives. With this token sale, we are simply looking to accelerate the progress of decentralizing the web by layering an incentive structure on top. We hope to raise funds that will allow us to compete with entrenched participants who do not want decentralization, and to survive unlikely but potential catastrophic events that may make supporting these projects difficult. We are here for the long term. We are here to upgrade the internet.

Turning the Hubezoo Whitepaper into working code is the first milestone we will focus on. Decentralizing the world’s data and successfully launching a new Internetwork will require a coordinated effort with thousands of organizations and millions of participants. It will also require continued research and development at the cutting edge of computing, cloud storage, UX, and network infrastructure. Meanwhile, we will be competing with formidable tech titans in the search for top talent to achieve our mission. Our efforts across talent, research and technology will move the arc of the web back towards decentralization. We hope that you join us in achieving our mission. Hubezoo’s intention is to unleash the Quantum technology power for the global community and create new opportunity for all.


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Even better, investors will begin to receive some portion of their tokens shortly after network launch. As each block in the UnaGold blockchain is mined, the usage restriction is lifted on a certain amount of tokens, making those tokens usable (what we call “vested”). For example, an investment with 6 months vesting would have 50% of its tokens available for use 3 months after network launch and 100% available (fully vested) 6 months after network launch.

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This is detailed in the Q&A section of the Token Economics document. We will split all remaining tokens as follows:

  • We will first apply the remainder to pay for the costs of the token sale itself (many token sales usually pre-allocate this cost)
  • We will sell half of the remainder to the public on network launch.
  • We will keep the other half for market stability (buying and selling UnaGold on exchanges to provide market liquidity, price stabilization, correcting unbalanced incentives for storage and retrieval miners, etc.).
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Immediately after purchasing, you should be able to view and download a preliminary SAFT. After the sale is over, we will go through all SAFTs manually, verify their correctness, and make corrections if needed. After that, we will send an email to everyone with a link to their final SAFTs. Naturally, we do not anticipate any errors, but we want to be fully certain all information is correct in the final legal agreements.

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As soon as the payment confirms, the platform shows the token amount and price in your purchase history.

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Due to the nature of our offering and securities laws (offering of SAFTs under US Reg D, 506(c)), investment is restricted to accredited investors. It is unfortunate for many of our supporters, who are unaccredited, and wish to contribute. It is important to remember that investing money is only one way to contribute and participate in the Hubezoo InterNetwork. We suggest the following other options:

  • UnaGold Mining
  • Contribute to the research.
  • Contribute to the development of all the necessary software.
  • Other ways

Mining. UnaGold miners are key to the Hubezoo Network, and contribute a significant fraction of the whole value created by the network. They store and retrieve data, establish consensus, process transactions, and increase the security of the network. It is worth remembering that Hubezoo is a network that prioritizes miners — 68% of all the UnaGold tokens will be distributed to miners, who will be doing useful work for the network.

Many of you have already indicated interest in mining. A few quick stats: 60 different countries are represented from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Of course, apart from mining, after the network launches, UnaGold tokens may be available in crypto asset exchanges.

Research. Research into cryptography, blockchains, distributed systems, file systems, and computer networks will continue to be an integral part of the Hubezoo project for years to come. Stay abreast of the research we publish, as we often outline many open problems. Solutions to these open problems can improve various aspects of the Hubezoo InterNetwork. In the future, we may offer grants for research work.

Development. Development of the network software and all the ecosystem tools and services is a significant part of making the network work. All the code will be open sourced and available for anyone to contribute to. In addition, we plan to offer development grants for some of the development work, in particular independent libraries and tooling.

Other. There will be many ways to contribute and participate in the network. This is a time that is specific to investors and investments, but please keep in touch as there will be many opportunities to contribute to the network in a great variety of ways.


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Yes. Hubezoo plans to leverage much of Ethereum’s technology, and the Ethereum Network itself. This also means that the Hubezoo Network may become a strong participant in the Ethereum ecosystem, and potentially may fund or perform development work to improve Ethereum stack tooling. In particular, we are interested in improving peer-to-peer capabilities, browser support and tooling, and smart contract security, all of which Hubezoo needs.

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No, UnaGold is not an ERC20 token. It is the native token of the Hubezoo InterNetwork (like Ether is the native token of the Ethereum Network). There will be a golden bridge and global interlink to all other tokens and blockchains.

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Hubezoo plans to leverage both the Ethereum technology stack (EVM and more) and the Ethereum Network itself. Hubezoo will have a contract native on Ethereum that serves as a bridge to the Hubezoo InterNetwork. Hybrid nodes (running on both the Ethereum and Hubezoo networks) may exist in the future. Hubezoo has been part of and a strong supporter of the Ethereum ecosystem, and we will continue to do so.

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Artficial Intelligence Interactive Analytics will integrate with all private and public Blockchain Technology (Ethereum) and the current Big Data model platforms on the Internet. Our Intention is to create the most high tech, powerful Internetwork that we know our global community wants and deserves.

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Hubezoo quantum power leverages the whole stack with multi-protocols and ,multi-formats. Hubezoo will use multiple protocol codes to organize, hyperspeed and distribute content. Hubezoo introduces incentive structures for big data,  personal data exchange and distribution that can help nodes store, back up, and serve content.

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The Hubezoo technical paper outlines the Hubezoo Protocol. In terms of development, Hubezoo is a protocol with multiple subcomponents and will leverage other technologies, such as Ethereum, blockchains and qubit / quantum processing, which are ready and used in production. They are the foundation for Hubezoo. The Hubezoo Internetwork is not implemented yet. Our software architecture was developed over 2 years. We recently completed the new protocol construction, and released the new technical paper. We will be developing the software implementation over the next months.

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Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (pre casper) use a power based consensus protocol, where a hashing Proof-of-Work algorithm secures the network. Hubezoo will use a quantum code proof of work to secure the Internetwork   This is a more fundamental notion of valuable work than Bitcoin’s pure hashing Proof-of-Work.

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The plan we present is  to create all of Hubezoo as a virtual blockchain on top of a blockchain similar to Ethereum’s (eg. a layer 2 blockchain). ,The Hubezoo team proposes a big solution to a fundamental problem in scalability of blockchains through quantum applications.. This achievement meant that the Hubezoo InterNetwork could create a blockchain and secure it, as opposed to Bitcoin and Ethereum hashing Proof-of-Work protocols. Therefore, our team felt it necessary to create our own blockchain. We plan to make Hubezoo compatible with Ethereum, using a Golden Bridge of centralization and decentralization with multiple layers of blockchain that interlink with a quantum global infrastructure.

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Please be aware that any and all answers to this are speculative, subject to high risks, evolving circumstances, competitive landscape changes, market risks, and more. All our plans and answers to these questions are subject to change as the markets evolve, and subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause material differences.

As an expansive marketplace, the Hubezoo Network grows alongside its miners and clients.

While Bitcoin and blockchain are already well-known in the decentralized web community, we will need to meet or beat traditional blockchain systems with a quantum power to expand our reach and establish a competitive service. To compete and to have a chance to succeed, decentralized technologies must be as good as or better than centralized technologies. For example, we would need parity or to improve on existing solutions via innovation (organizing user data), availability/uptime (data being available for user access through quantum infodata processor). These yield many metrics to evaluate and optimize. To be up-front and clear, creating a valuable cloud internet platform is a very hard challenge, and very hard to achieve. We think the Hubezoo protocol offers novel solutions, and we have good reason to believe we can compete, but ultimately this is a very risky endeavor. Please do not invest if you are not completely comfortable with all the risks.


The revenue opportunity and value potentials are very hard to quantify here, because we are talking about a crypto token whose value is related to (but not strictly proportional to) the quality of the overall service, the broad utility of the network, the usage it sees, and the value it creates for its users. Additionally, the token could be used as a store of value, which can throw off many models. As some illustration of ranges, we encourage investors to think about the various markets involved and the potential value that may materialize.

The cryptocurrency space is quite nascent, and there are no time-proven methods of valuing the networks at the moment. Most models fail drastically in a number of ways. But we invite our investors and miners to carefully study how the most established cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others) are valued and how the current industry leader (AWS) is valued within Amazon.

Ultimately, investors should consider this to be a very high risk technology investment, and only invest capital they are completely willing to lose for the small chance of great success. This is the same for any technology startup. The risks in these kinds of investments are considerable.

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Get to Know the Founders

Get to know the founder and co-founder of the UnaHub.  Understand the ins and outs of the UnaHub and what you are investing in.  If you want to unleash the power of quantum technology, find how to get involved.